You will have 4 Double Periods to complete the newspaper task. Please click
on this link to view where you will be located during the different designated
times for working on the project.
This assignment is to make you more aware of westaward expansion in the
United States in the early to mid 1800's.  Many different groups were moving
west trying to achieve our Manifest Destiny!  The early 1800's were a time period
in U.S. history of exploration of the new Louisiana Territory, developing
relations with the Native Americans, movement of Native Americans off their
land, converting Native Americans into different religions, and the excavating of
gold by the 49er's.
Mrs. Tator and Mrs. Krajeski 7th Grade English/Social Studies
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Below you will find links from different time periods of westaward
expansion starting with the Lewis and Clark Expeditions up to the Gold
Rush in the 1850's.  Please choose one of the topics and that will be your
main topic for your newspaper.  Please make sure you click on the links
Rubric, Databases, and Schedule to make sure you adhere to the
guidelines for the newspaper project.  If you have any questions please
see Mrs. Tator, Mrs. Krajeski, Mr. Patsky or Ms. Bayzon.