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Mrs. Tator's
7th Grade
Technology Help Page
Mission of  Coxsackie-Athens Central School
The Coxsackie-Athens community works collaboratively to create personalized learning
opportunities. We develop self-directed college and career ready students who are prepared
to succeed in our global society.
I have created this Help Desk to aid 7th grade students and parents  in achieving their goals
of the district's mission.  I am encouraging all to take chances and be creative in their
                                            GAFE Links and Help
The following are a set of links to helpful information for using GAFE and for
helping troubleshoot problems that may occur.

  • Edtechteacher :  This site gives information on the different Google Apps,
    lets you know what the equivalent was from Microsoft Word and gives you
    step by step instructions on basic use of the app.  They also have a blog
    where you can post questions and comments.

                                           ISTE Standards

When creating your lessons and using technology as a tool for enhancing lessons
please make sure to connect the ISTE Standards(International Society for
Technology Education) to your lesson.  These will help you focus on your ultimate
goal for the lesson.  It will help you focus on the "why" you are using technology.  By
looking at the technology standards it could also help you think of something that
you did not think about originally when creating the lesson or unit.  

By having
students look at the Student ISTE Standards it helps students develop a
deeper more meaningful understanding of what being a true Digital Citizen means
and helps them fully understand why they are using technology to further develop
and deepen their education.
                                               Digital Citizenship

Using technology responsibly is part of digital citizenship.  Knowing how to use
technology responsibly and safely is part of digital citizenship.  Below are some quick
links to explain digital citizenship and the importance of good tech etiquette while
surfing the web.
Brain Pop Video
"Digital Etiquette"