The North and The South:
The Cotton Gin,
Nat Turner Rebellion, and Economy
of the North and the South Prior to
Civil War
Mrs. Tator
Grade 7
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
Site updated on April 1st 2014
Pictures of Cotton Gin and Eli Whitney from The Eli Whitney Museum Website. Picture on Nat Turner from Spartacus
Web Activity Worksheet
Nat Turner's Rebellion
Information about Nat
Turner and the slave revolt he
Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin:
Information on Eli Whitney and
how the Cotton Gin Effected
Southern Economy, slavery, and
the United States.
Other Sites of Interest:
"The Confessions of Nat Turner"  "From Revolution to Reconstruction" Website
"A History of Us: Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin"
Slavery and Sectionalism
North and South Poster Activity
Below you will find the handout and Primary and Secondary sources to help you
complete the Poster Activity.  If you have questions please see Mrs. Tator.
North and South Poster Activity Handout with Rubric
North and South Primary and Secondary Packet
to Aid With Activity
Other Websites to Help With Poster Activity Below
The Underground Railroad-
Escape from Slavery Website
North and South: Different
Cultures Same Country
Primary Source Picture of
Slaves and Slave Housing
Pre Civil War South
Steamboats and Life and Times
of the Early to Mid 1800's
Pre-Civil War Information:
Documents Pictures, Paintings, etc.
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