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Ancient Egypt
Pyramids Web Activity
Click on the above link to take you to the directions for the
activity.  Then click on this next link to take you to the National
Geographic website to help you complete the activity.  Closely
Follow the Directions
National Geographic Website for Kids
Mummies Web Activity
Click on the link above to find out what to do for the Mummies
Web Activity.  Then click on the next link to go to the
Geographic Website for  Kids to complete the activity.
Ancient Egypt Project
Click on the link to go to the directions page for the Ancient
Egypt Project and Research paper.  Here you will find the
directions and a rubric for how you will be graded on the project.

Then you can click on
Ancient Egypt Project to connect you to
the website created to help students complete the project.  it gives
you the web activities we completed in class as well as links to
help you research for your project.
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