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Important Upcoming Dates:

Chapter 3 Sections 1-3 Quiz
Friday, Oct. 27th

Chapter 3 Quizlet Due
Friday, Oct. 27th

Portfolio Assignment Theme 1: Early Natives
Due October 31st
Upcoming Topics in Class..

DBQ (Document Based Question)  Essay
Downfall of the Native Americans- We will be discussing and looking at
documents on how the Spanish exploration/colonization and conquering of
Native Groups lead to their downfall

- First Colonies in North America Settled by the British
- Jamestown Colony: House of Burgess- Cash Crops
-  Mass. Bay Colony-  Settled for Religious Freedom- Puritans- John Winthrop
- Pilgrims- "Separatists"- Mayflower Compact

Course Outline and Goals
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                      Mrs. Tator's Tech Help Page
                For 7th Graders and Their Parents
This page has been designed to help 7th graders and their parents with
the new GAFE (Google Apps For Education).  There are some quick
"How To" Videos as well as some other technology links to help
students be creative to further enhance their learning and inquiry.
Quizlet Champions for Geography:

1st. Place:  Isabella L.
2nd Place:  Ethan M.
3rd Place: Charlotte R.

Quizlet Chapter 1
Match                                                    Gravity
1st Place:  Charlotte R.                               1st Place:  Nick V.                 
2nd Place:  Nick V.                         2nd Place: Olivia         
3rd Place: Isabella L.                                                                              

Quizlet Chapter 2

Match                                                   Gravity

1st Place:  Isabella L.                          1st. Place:  Matt B.
2nd Place:  Ryan G.                                                        
3rd Place:  Ethan M.