Civil War WebQuest
Mrs. Tator
7th Grade Social Studies
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
The Civil War was a war that divided the North (The Blue) and the
South (The Gray).  This war not only divided sections of the United
States, but also pitted friend against friend, brother against brother,
and  father against son.
The South went through a drastic change after the war.  This war
forever changed life in the south both on a social level and economic
level.  Their labor force, based on slavery, was disbanded and "freed",
and the large plantation life, as it was known, was destroyed.  The South
was in a shambles after the Total War Sherman and others imposed on
the South destroyed what little roads and rail systems there were, as well
as, their land and homes.
As mentioned above, the Civil War ended slavery as a means of labor in
the South, but did not end discrimination in the United States.  In fact,
after the Civil War discrimination against African Americans increased
and unfortunately the freedom and equality they wanted so badly would
not come for about another 100 years.
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