American Revolution Research Paper
Mrs. Tator/Mrs. Krajeski/Mrs. Cooper
7th Grade Social Studies & ELA
This web page has been created to help you complete your American Revolution
Research Paper.  If you lose one of the handouts associated with this paper you can
come to the website to print out the information.  Also, there are some links on this
site that can assist you with research for your project.  If you have any questions
please see Mrs. Tator, Mrs. Krajeski, Mrs. Cooper, or Ms. Bayzon.
If you click the link above you will find a
list of topics you may choose from.  They
must be approved by Mrs. Tator
BEFORE you start the project.
Links That Will Help You Research Your Topics
Below is a list of websites you can go to to help with your research.  Please make
sure you use the databases that were discussed in class as well as other websites
located here.  If you have questions please see Mrs. Tator, Mrs Krajeski,  Mrs.
Cooper, or Ms. Bayzon.
Website created by Debbie Tator on November 5th 2010: Updated
12/2013 Updated June 2015
From this website you can
research people, battles,
weapons, anything and
everything about the American
This website has a lot of
information of the Revolution.
Again, this website is for students to use
to supplement information found on
other databases.  There are a variety of
topics if you invesitgate the site.
People of The American Revolution
The above link will take you to a website
that contains a list of several spies.  From
there you can click on to find more
The above link will take you to a
website that will give you a list and
information about some of the generals
involved in the American Revolution.
This website was found by one of my
students- John!
People/Battles/Events of the Revolution
This link will take you to a website where there
are SEVERAL links to other information
Bernardo de Galvez
Website found by my student Dillon