Social Studies
Grade 7
Mrs. Tator
"The Age Of The Common Man"
Andrew Jackson's Presidency
This web activity is to make you more aware of events that took
place during Andrew Jackson's 2 terms as President.  While it is
considered and called "The Age of the Common Man" and many
more white males did see suffrage, many groups were still
descriminated against. Below are links ti investigate more into the life
and times during Andrew Jackson's Presidency.
Image on left top from PBS.Org. "Trail of Tears"; Africans In America. Picture
of Andrew Jackson is from
"Trail of Tears"
Indian Removal Act
Another Link
"The Panic of 1837"
The Nullification Crisis
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Worksheet for Activity
Martin VanBuren 8th President of
the United States
Learn the cherokee Langage
and Some Fun Games